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Capital Cryo offers cryotherapy and other innovative wellness services at their locations in Bethesda and Rockville, Maryland, and the Wesley Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC. Their goal is to help patients of all backgrounds improve their health and well-being using the latest technologies.

The Capital Cryo team caters to everyone from professional athletes to DC area residents who wish to rejuvenate their overall wellness. Their on-site cryotherapy effectively treats chronic pain from injuries or a variety of underlying medical conditions. This therapy also boosts immunity and enhances recovery after sustaining injuries or completing surgery. The welcoming, knowledgeable staff at Capital Cryo provides the best-in-class equipment for localized and whole-body cryotherapy treatments. 

To optimize overall health, the Capital Cryo team offers infrared saunas to detoxify the body and improve overall blood circulation. They also provide a variety of natural products that feature cannabidiol (CBD) for pain relief, recovery, and rejuvenation. CBD tinctures, edibles, and topicals are available through the online store to address the unique needs of adult clientele and their pets.

Compression therapy services for treating chronic pain and promoting recovery are available. The rentable NormaTec® Leg Pulse technology allows clients to rehabilitate circulatory conditions and swelling that affect the legs from the comfort of their own home. The NormaTec system also accelerates muscle recovery and reduces persistent leg pain and inflammation.

Capital Cryo also specializes in sunless spray tanning services on-site. Spray tans are a safe alternative to the ultraviolet (UV) rays, and the team tailors tanning services to individual needs.

To learn how cryotherapy can relieve your chronic pain and optimize your total wellness, call the Capital Cryo office nearest you, or request an appointment through the online booking feature today.

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