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What To Expect


You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Negative 240 degrees, Really!? What Does That Feel Like?

We are not going to lie – it is cold! However, the temperatures are very tolerable, feeling similar to the refreshing sensation while skiing or playing in the snow. And you are never alone - a Capital Cryo Team Member will be talking you through the three-minute session!

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

Just you! Capital Cryo has everything you will need to ensure a safe, comfortable session.

Even though they have the option to ‘go without’, the majority of our female clients wear their undergarments in the cryosauna. Guys - you are required to wear yours! Please ensure they are dry before you arrive. We can provide you with clean, dry underwear if needed.

How Long Should I Plan to be at Capital Cryo?

While we love it when our clients stay and visit, we understand that your time is precious. Most of our wellness treatments are quick and efficient, taking just minutes from your day.

  • Whole Body Cryo: 10 minutes

  • Infrared Sauna: Between 20-45 minutes

  • Local Cryo and Cryofacials: 15 minutes

  • Capital Tan: 10 minutes

Depending on which combination of services you have scheduled – you can be at Capital Cryo for a few minutes or up to 1 hour.

Awesome – I Booked My Sessions. How Should I Plan the Rest of My day?

That depends on the session! With cryotherapy sessions, you are free to live your best life! With Infrared sauna sessions, we highly recommend you stay hydrated and give your body some time before you do any type of exercise. You may also probably want to shower.

With our sunless tans - pretty much don’t get wet – but our techs will go over the ‘dos and don’ts’ with you in detail when you book your session.

Can I Purchase a Gift Card?

Gift cards can be purchased for any amounts and can be used towards any of our wellness services. Visit our online store below or call any of our studios if you need help.


More Questions? Let’s Talk!

At Capital Cryo, we provide a concierge wellness experience. If you have more questions or wish to discuss any of our wellness services, please visit the options on our CONTACT US page.

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