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Our Story


As is the case with most great things in life, Susan Kaminskas discovered cryotherapy through a friend’s enthusiastic testimonial while on a vacation back in 2015. With her curiosity peaked, Susan tried her first cryo session the very next day. After experiencing the many benefits of cryotherapy for herself, Susan – along with her husband, Pete - became passionate about creating Capital Cryo and bringing the concept of innovative cold therapy to Washington, DC.

With the passion behind that original concept just as strong today, Capital Cryo continues to grow. Susan, Pete and team are thrilled with the number of individuals who have benefitted from the curated collection of wellness services that Capital Cryo has incorporated into each studio. Capital Cryo believes in building relationships and trust with their clients. And it is this belief that makes Capital Cryo the exemplary wellness destination in the DC metro area.


Aptly called the ‘queen of cryo’, Capital Cryo is the brainchild of Susan. Always on the move, with the wheels in full turn, Susan leads an active lifestyle through her work as a real estate management executive while maintaining a vigorous fitness regimen and parenting two daughters. To sustain this pace, Susan turns to the infrared sauna + cryotherapy combination, which provides her recovery from workouts, relief from stress and rejuvenation through improved sleep. She’s also known to ‘get her glow on’ at Capital Tan during the winter months. 

True to her Memphis roots, Susan knows the value of good barbeque and southern hospitality, as evident by the ‘Be Nice or Go Home’ sign that hangs in her office. During your session, be sure to ask Susan for book recommendations or about her current level of Candy Crush!




Whether he’s on a mountain skiing or shoveling snow, a cold place is Pete’s happy place. Fittingly, Pete enjoys the benefits of doing whole body cryotherapy three times a week. In addition to helping him recover from an active lifestyle that includes adult baseball, basketball, cycling, Orangetheory and coaching youth soccer, Pete loves how cryo helps him manage stress/anxiety and realize improved sleep.

Beyond the cryo sauna, Pete is passionate about exploring, whether it’s through travel, a good book or movie, or smoking ‘slow and low’ Memphis-style BBQ.

Pete is a proud graduate of Penn State and even prouder dad of two daughters, both of whom he enjoys embarrassing with original ‘dad jokes’.



Liz - Capital Cryo’s ‘OG’ team member - brings over 15 years of customer service and business experience. 

Growing up as a dancer and then transitioning to a runner, Liz knows the importance of recovery. When Liz met Susan and Pete and learned about Capital Cryo, she immediately knew she had to be a part of it. 

Cryotherapy and Infrared Sauna sessions have helped Liz run half marathons and 10 milers. Liz is also grateful to Capital Cryo for helping her discover her hidden talent - being the best spray tan technician in the DMV!

Outside of Capital Cryo, you'll find Liz at Orangetheory or at a concert. One would like to say that she has great taste in music, but she's admittedly seen Katy Perry 3 times.

A native of Scranton, Pa; Liz will happily discuss The Office with you during your three minutes in the cryosauna.




As an expert in Integrative Homeopathy, Holistic Health, Reflexology, and Yoga, Mika is no stranger to the world of wellness.

With a Masters Degree in Romano-Germanic Philology and Linguistics from Moscow State University, Mika blends her vast knowledge of homeopathic medicine to the human experience, having a goal to address the root of problems, rather than suppress symptoms.

Mika brings tremendous positive energy to Capital Cryo and its clients. When she’s not consulting clients on natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety, elevating energy levels, and so forth, you’ll find her talking enthusiastically about her new Irish Terrier, Darby.



Capital Cryo is committed to supporting organizations whose goal is to do some good in the world. In addition to the groups listed below, Capital Cryo has donated to many local schools through their annual fundraising auctions. To inquire about a donation, please email

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