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Capital Cryo: Making Whole Body Cryotherapy Accessible, Inclusive, and Welcoming Aug 5th, 2020

Think Whole Body Cryotherapy is just for elite professional athletes? Think again. When most people think about Cryotherapy, they likely imagine some sort of cold futuristic experience that high performing athletes use for injury recovery. In some ways and in some settings that image is probably accurate, however, Capital Cryo...

Capital Cryo Featured on NBC4 Washington Jun 29th, 2019

Watch Capital Cryo on NBC4 Washington

Capital Cryo in the American University Eagle Feb 28th, 2017

Have you ever worked out every day for an entire week? For those of you who have, more power to you. But with working out comes inevitable soreness and muscle pain. Whether it’s leg day, cardio, core or arms, there is always going to be some kind of pain. Some...